Dear Brian and Waltraud,

I have been working in the hairdressers industry for more than thirty years now and in all those years I really really really liked your CURLSYS® seminars the most. Every seminar you are able to show and teach me new techniques and new insights which all have been an added value to my already CURLSYS® skills. After each seminar I cannot wait to put all the new stuff I learned into practice and to show my employees the crazy new techniques and the effects they have. In the meantime they all have attended one or more CURLSYS® seminars so they could experience it themselves.

Since I actively promote my salon as a CURLSYS® master class salon I have welcomed a lot more new “curly” clients and with them turning into regular customers it shows that they are happy with the end result. But also positive mouth-to-mouth advertisement from happy curly customers to not-so-happy curly people has a great effect on attracting new customers.

Personally, I like your CURLSYS® system because it is different and out of the box, you do not learn this at school or at any other cutting seminar but nevertheless it is useable every day at the salon.

The vision, the passion, the thoughts and the technics behind the CURLSYS® system makes it one of a kind.

Peter Lering-Kapsalon Lering en Partners, Zaandam